Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Upcoming Features

I'm currently working on making the overlay interactive with the mouse. This will allow the possibilities to expand indefinitely. Here are some of the ideas I had for the future of the overlay, depending on demand:

  • Minimap widget so the pois can also be seen in a 2D view (there's no API to access the state of the in-game minimap, so a separate one is needed)
  • Downloading POI data from the corresponding API and making it visible in the tactical overlay
  • Working together with the Markers guys and being able to access their POI database
  • WvW API integration for realtime tactical information
  • Trading Post API integration
  • Customizable daily to-do checklist
  • Keybindings to toggle individual windows
  • ... ? - all ideas are welcome


  1. First of all, kudos for this. Looks really good so far. Especially liked the cardinal directions in the raid. I checked Gorseval thus far and it looked really really good. As far as future stuff, I'd personally really dig it if there was a window to track the daily crafting stuff and maybe some other daily tasks as well (cheap fractal keys, cheap wintersday gifts for karma, etc.). It's one of those things I forget regularly and something I haven't seen in other overlays.

  2. Love the TacO used it raiding and doing daily stuff. Its the cleanest and lightest overlay i have used! Kudos!