Tuesday 29 December 2015

Upcoming Features

I'm currently working on making the overlay interactive with the mouse. This will allow the possibilities to expand indefinitely. Here are some of the ideas I had for the future of the overlay, depending on demand:

  • Minimap widget so the pois can also be seen in a 2D view (there's no API to access the state of the in-game minimap, so a separate one is needed)
  • Downloading POI data from the corresponding API and making it visible in the tactical overlay
  • Working together with the Markers guys and being able to access their POI database
  • WvW API integration for realtime tactical information
  • Trading Post API integration
  • Customizable daily to-do checklist
  • Keybindings to toggle individual windows
  • ... ? - all ideas are welcome


  1. First of all, kudos for this. Looks really good so far. Especially liked the cardinal directions in the raid. I checked Gorseval thus far and it looked really really good. As far as future stuff, I'd personally really dig it if there was a window to track the daily crafting stuff and maybe some other daily tasks as well (cheap fractal keys, cheap wintersday gifts for karma, etc.). It's one of those things I forget regularly and something I haven't seen in other overlays.

  2. Love the TacO used it raiding and doing daily stuff. Its the cleanest and lightest overlay i have used! Kudos!