Tuesday 18 April 2017

Super Adventure Box Galore

Hi everyone,

since Easter (and the weeks before) is traditionally a very busy time for me, and this year it heavily coincided with SAB, I couldn't keep up with all the stuff that has been going on in GW2. That being said, I came home to see that ArenaNet has been tweeting about videos that showcase TacO. I'd like to thank everyone who started creating and sharing their marker packs, helping others along the way.

Tekkit in particular did a bunch of videos on TacO, including a tutorial:

And a series with Tribulation mode routes, that all have links to the marker packs used:

I'm quite sure that many other marker packs have been created in the last couple weeks. I'd like to list them all here, so that in the coming years people have access to all these resources. Let me know if you have something to list.

On updating the TS3 overlay: now that I'm home I'll need a bit of rest, and I'll look into fixing it in a week or two.


  1. 30 locations added. Added a couple bombs to hard to spot furniture shops (right next to the purple dots)


  2. hey

    I'm just about to structure the code and to compress a single xml file.
    Is something just working in the art? Not my work is then free and I later have to change everything again.
    Further I constantly supplement some markings or new areas.
    I hope that in the next days I can show a result with which one can then work
    You can send me your emails so that we can exchange

    1. Sorry for the very late reply but i been busy with school. The image references used on top of the file are the same as the stock ones. I frequent reddit if you need to get in touch https://www.reddit.com/user/rambo99jose

  3. Hey, thx for listing my videos here:-) I will soon make page on my web with all my markers on one place so you can after easily copy and paste them here. I will post link here when its done. Also do you plan some new features? I was just thinking about it and for example separate fadeNear and fadeFar for z-axis would be awesome in complicated JP or in TD.

    1. Also something like reverse Fade would be cool. Like marker will be visible from 5000 and disappear at 4000 again once you get closer

    2. Another ideas
      - variable what makes marker same size in whole distance instead of shrinking far away
      - maybe gif? It may works even now but didn't test it.
      - swap between 2 icons in certain distance. It would be great for distance measuring with new vine mastery.
      - variable what makes marker facing still same side not turning with character. For direction arrow on the ground for example.
      - maker placed horizontally instead of vertically. Again good for direction arrows.