Tuesday 1 March 2016

Smooth character tracking


After the last update I noticed an issue where no matter the framerate of the game or TacO, the range circles and the tactical compass seemed to be constantly glitching when the player was moving. After investigating the issue, it looks like the actual data sent by the game client through the mumble link API might not be taking in account some sort of interpolation of the character position while moving. This results in small jumps of the character compared to the camera, and in turn introduces the jitter.

I updated TacO to somewhat combat this issue. I'm now averaging the camera-space position of the character, which does introduce some latency when the camera changes rapidly, but in turn smooths out the larger jittery issue.

You can grab the new build here.

Change notes

  • An averaged character position is now calculated to combat the API problem
  • Changed the range circle and tactical compass features to use the new character position
  • Added hand-editable config option 'SmoothCharacterPos' to toggle character position smoothing on/off
  • Added hand-editable config option 'Vsync' to toggle TacO vsync on and off. It's advised that you do not turn this off, it's for debug purposes only.


  1. Can you add custom or editable radius for taco? Because there are so many other distances we need to see.

    1. I'm still trying to figure out a nice way of doing that. Until then, if you give me a list of missing distances, I'll add them.

  2. Is it possible to see the Flamewall timer on sabetha?

    1. Not really because that deprnds on by how you're performing in the raid which is not (yet) trackable without breaching the eula

  3. can we have issues site, like use gitgub?

    hope can add time option for pois or category
    (show/hidden some poi at sometime,

    ex: some poi only show on vb night/day
    or firecracker default only show on luna new year

    add category defset hidden (if wanna see it need
    manually open it

    icon label overlay, when cousr move on poi icon, can show it's type (is iron or silver etc

    MarkerEditor can choose add new poi data at custom categorydata file

  4. found a taco 8GB log !
    You really need to take a look at what might be causing logs to get that obscenely big.

    1. Could you please send me a sample of what's taking up that much? I need to know which logging to disable.