Monday 21 March 2022

BugSplat crash tracking


In order to better be able to track unreported and rare crashes, I've integrated the BugSplat crash tracking system into the latest TacO build (#53). This system sends crash reports (basically the same information that has been logged before) into the cloud for easier sorting and analysis. As crash reports from the overlay have been few and far between lately I don't expect there to be too many reports for now, this is more a convenience feature for me to track down any Schr√∂dinbugs that may rear their ugly head.

The information that is sent is the TacO process dump file and the TacO log file of the crashed session. No identifying or GW2 account related information is sent (since the overlay doesn't have access to that anyway), however I'm anticipating that there will still be some, who'd like to opt out of sending crash info my way. In order to turn off crash reporting all you need to do is to set the SendCrashDump value in the TacOConfig.xml to 0.

You can download the new build here.

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