Sunday 3 January 2016

Locational timers (Sabetha cannon timers!)

A new build is up!
This one has a cool new feature: locational timed events. These are timed on-screen messages that are triggered when you enter an area. Like for example the Sabetha fight. Cannon timers are included, however the timing won't be 100% perfect as the fight starts once you get in combat. Should be close enough though.

Grab the new build from here.

Change log:

  • Added locational timers feature
  • Added Sabetha cannon timers
  • Default interface size is now 'normal'
  • Changed the background of the TeamSpeak window to be transparent by default
  • Expanded bitmap fonts for Trebuchet with more symbols and added fonts used by GW2 for the on-screen notifications of the timers


  1. Gave it a try today, it works well. Thank you.

  2. How can I activate7deactivate the personal marker (orange thing) activated it by accident, maybe u can add a "how to" text data.

    Besides that nice work :)

    1. Just press - when you're at the marker. Key rebinding is coming in a couple days.

  3. Do you have plans to make the marker that we place when we hit + be an option? It'd be nice so I don't have to edit the XML file each time I place one.

    Also: Do you have plans on making a WvW portion for this? So we can see when white swords are at the tower and when they're captured, see a timer above the tower. I think that would be amazing to see. Also: If at all possible, I don't know if this is in the API anywhere, but if Orange Swords appear anywhere, have them also create an icon on the overlay until they disappear.

    I am always in awe w/ the potential that this overlay has!

  4. An advanced expandable marker categorization system is in the works, that will let you define hierarchical categories, select them for each marker, select which category to place by default (possibly even per map) and filter which categories you want to see displayed. Expect this soon, in a couple days.

    As for the WvW part, I still haven't started integrating the web based APIs yet, so that'll have to wait a bit longer. It definitely is on the todo, I just want to get the marker system done first.

  5. nice job. you could use Github though

    1. Since this project isn't opensource, not really, no :)

  6. BoyC, is there any way we could get some documentation around the timers attributes?

    for example...

    1. How are enter[THING] exit[THING] and reset[THING] used?
    2. what units of time are they in?
    3. what is the relevance of the timestamp attribute
    4. is [enter|exit]rad a sphere, or flat circle?

    1. Let me redact #4

      4. what is [enter|exit]rad used for, and what is it doing?