Sunday 17 January 2016

Performance fix, Silverwastes round 1

There's a new build!

This one contains a single bugfix that will have an impact on the performance of the overlay in situations where a lot of icons are on the screen at the same time.

I also added the results of my silverwastes chest farm (about 90-ish chest locations), and all the golden lost badge locations, courtesy of Elycian and his awesome guild of ninja mesmers who set up a task force to mark all of these on the map.

You can grab the new build here.

Change notes
  • Fixed a bug in the string class that caused the internal hash not to update when converted to lowercase (caused constant cache misses and thus the loading of icons several times, overloading the texture atlas system and slowing things down)
  • Added about 90 silverwastes chest locations
  • Added golden lost badge locations, courtesy of Elycian
  • Reduced resolution of N S E W icons because they were taking up too much space on the texture atlas


  1. Hi, m8.
    Can you add kirillic font to Overlay? i`m and more other GW2 players from russian speak country.

  2. Hi BoyC,

    I have some marker updates for you. First off I combined your findings and mine from SW chest farms so that helped add some more to the map... I think there's still a few more we didn't get - I was using the gps overlay from and some of their marked chests weren't popping up for me. It could have just been from respawn delay on the chest though, in any case I didn't mark those ones.

    Also I did the "A Study in Gold" achievement for Herta. I used the achievement icon from that for our icon. One problem though is that the actual receiving of is Herta is a different achievement all together, "Where Exalted Dare." Another problem is that these achievements share the same icon but they kind of feel like they should be lumped together. What I did was just put the point from Where Exalted Dare under a study in gold XML but didn't assign it the category a study in gold since Herta is essentially the reward for a study in gold. I also changed the icon for Herta using the Herta icon to distinguish it from the other achievement markers. Not sure how you want to go about this but it's your overlay so I don't mind either way.

    1. Hi, I put up a new build with your updates. I put Herta back into the original category, just with the icon override. I thought about changing the behavior to permanent but decided that this should be a good compromise.