Friday 22 January 2016


This build contains some polishing of the code and a few updates to the markers supplied by default.
Also a much requested feature, an update checker has been added.

Grab the new build here.

Change Notes
  • Removed dependencies to d3dcompiler_xx.dlls - this should increase compatibility
  • The "screen edge herds icons" feature now correctly keeps the sizes of icons. This means the markers will have perspective correct size up-close for a better sense of how far they are.
  • Reduced per-frame CPU and memory overhead of the tactical display significantly
  • the 'heightOffset' parameter for markers and categories is now functional. The default value is 1.5, a value of 0 will put the icon center on the ground (if you were standing on the ground when you placed the marker)
  • GW2 TacO will now check for any available updates. I don't intend to support auto updating as that's problematic (mainly due to the security reasons, and I'd prefer not to go down that rabbit hole), but a simple http fetch of a page of the blog where the current version ID is up shouldn't be an issue.
  • Replaced 'fadeDistance' marker parameter with 'fadeNear' and 'fadeFar' parameters. The howto has been updated to explain the change.
  • 'Reappear after timer' marker behavior has been implemented.
  • Silverwastes chest map expanded to 114 chest locations courtesy of Elycian. The chest markers now disappear for 5 minutes after you pressed 'F' on them.
  • Added locations for 'a study in gold' achievement as well as the location of Herta, courtesy of Elycian.


  1. hope can supput big map mode (in game paree M, can see where has marker)

    1. The API doesn't give any information on the map mode change, so at this time not really, sorry.

    2. we can add option for make it, not realy need sync with game map mode

    3. What I meant was that the API doesn't tell you

      * where the minimap is on the screen
      * what the minimap is looking at
      * what zoom level the minimap is at
      * whether we're in full-screen map mode
      * where the fullscreen map is centered in the game world if you are
      * what the zoom level of the fullscreen map is

      Without ALL of that information, it's impossible to create a robust solution for displaying 2D markers on the minimap and the fullscreen map. So no, even if you "switch taco to map mode" it's still pretty much impossible because without knowing the zoom level and position of the map there's no way to know where to draw the markers.