Sunday 20 March 2016

HP Grids, Mushroom Countdowns


This build contains two feature requests I had from reddit.

The first one is a system that puts short lines on the screen where the HP bar should be. (As it's against the EULA to read stuff from the screen I avoid doing that to get information for the HP of enemies, but marking predefined locations is perfectly fine) This system only shows up at certain locations (raid boss arenas are configured for now), and each location can have different markings. I have configured HP notches for

  • Vale Guardian (33%, 66%)
  • Gorseval (33%, 66%)
  • Sabetha (15% - for the adds that she spawns, 25%, 50%, 75%)
  • Slothasor (10%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%)
  • Matthias (40%, 60%, 80%)

Make sure you set the interface size option in TacO to match that of the game. If you run into any issues with the lines not matching up with the HP bar let me know (critical information here will be the resolution you're running the game at).

The second feature request was a countdown timer for the speed boost mushrooms. This is a handy feature for the Vale Guardian fight.

An update to how these new marker features can be used will be coming later to the how-to post.

Grab the new build here!

Change notes:
  • Added location dependent notches that fit over the enemy HP bar. They only show up at certain locations and can be configured through the hpgrids.xml file.
  • Added HP grids for Vale Guardian, Gorseval, Sabetha, Slothasor and Matthias
  • Added option for auto triggering timed markers
  • Added mushroom countdown markers for Vale Guardian arena

Sunday 13 March 2016

Salvation Pass markers and Matthias timer


While I still haven't gotten through the first new boss yet, a bunch of nice guys from the Oopsy guild helped me set up markers and timers for the whole new raid wing.

Grab the new build here.

Change notes:

  • Numbered markers for the prison camp
  • Numbered markers for the Matthias wells so you can call them out by number
  • A poison/corruption timer for the Matthias fight. The timer starts when you enter the room and has a 4 second delay on it. It's as accurate as the Sabetha timers are, which turned out to be pretty usable.
  • Markers for the scattered memories achievement

Wednesday 9 March 2016

Slothasor mushroom markers

Hi there!

New raid wing today, and although I don't have a l33t crew to march through it on day one, I do have an update for the overlay for the first boss: Slothasor.
The markers included in this update mark the exact position of the imbued mushroom spawns around the arena.

You can grab the new build here.

Change notes:

  • Added Slothasor arena mushroom spawn markers

Tuesday 1 March 2016

Smooth character tracking


After the last update I noticed an issue where no matter the framerate of the game or TacO, the range circles and the tactical compass seemed to be constantly glitching when the player was moving. After investigating the issue, it looks like the actual data sent by the game client through the mumble link API might not be taking in account some sort of interpolation of the character position while moving. This results in small jumps of the character compared to the camera, and in turn introduces the jitter.

I updated TacO to somewhat combat this issue. I'm now averaging the camera-space position of the character, which does introduce some latency when the camera changes rapidly, but in turn smooths out the larger jittery issue.

You can grab the new build here.

Change notes

  • An averaged character position is now calculated to combat the API problem
  • Changed the range circle and tactical compass features to use the new character position
  • Added hand-editable config option 'SmoothCharacterPos' to toggle character position smoothing on/off
  • Added hand-editable config option 'Vsync' to toggle TacO vsync on and off. It's advised that you do not turn this off, it's for debug purposes only.