Tuesday 22 November 2016

A Crack in the Ice


Quick update courtesy of Xenophy: markers for the collectible chests and quaggans for the new map, Bitterfrost Frontier. He also updated his jumping puzzle markers.
No code updates this time.

You can download the new build here.

Change notes:

  • Added markers for collectible chests and Quaggans in Bitterfrost Frontier, courtesy of Xenophy
  • Updated JP markers courtesy of Xenophy

Friday 11 November 2016



I just got a big surprise package in the mail from a group of guys who took a liking to TacO - they went around ALL the jumping puzzles in the game and marked the routes through them. The result is a marker pack of about 5000 markers.
There's no clutter though like with SAB: only a single marker is shown at a time, marking the place you should go next. The starting points of the puzzles are all marked separately as well.

So give it up to this awesome and dedicated team:

  • All PvE-JP-Guides made by "Cloud Strife.7492"
  • The Mists and Fractal JP-Guides made by "Destiny FNC.5018"
  • Rejumped, adjusted and sorted by "Xenophy.2716"

The new build contains this huge marker pack now. If anyone finds problems with it, they can contact the guys at xenotaco@web.de, and they'll get me an updated version to release.

In this release I also recategorized and reintroduced all the previous festival markers. This means the carving pumpkins, wintersday orphans, and new year's fireworks will become a permanent package in the overlay.

No real feature updates for now since I'm busy with work and other stuff. I'm slowly working on the core of the "next big feature" to add to the overlay, however to truly make it shine I'll need someone good at writing and telling a story and familiar with Tyria and/or GW2 lore. Anyone interested out there? Maybe from the RP community? 

You can download the new build from here.

Change log:
  • If the GW2 UI doesn't tick for a third of a second, TacO will be hidden. This will make loading screens and video cutscenes TacO-free.
  • Added a huge Jumping Puzzle marker pack courtesy of a very dedicated team of players
  • Added back the orphan markers in anticipation of the upcoming wintersday
  • Rearranged some of the marker categories (festival markers are now grouped together)