Tuesday 16 June 2020

Muliple API-key support

Hi everyone,

After the multibox update the need for several supported GW2 API keys came up for people who are using multiple accounts. This has been a request for a while from people who do a lot of account hopping as well. This latest update adds multi-API-key support with automatic account detection based on the selected character name so if you have multiple API keys added to the overlay it will always pick the right one and display information regarding to the currently played account. This should be quite useful for dungeon/raid progress tracking on multiple accounts. In order for this to work, the API keys used in TacO need to have the 'characters' permission.

API Keys can be added, edited and removed in the TacO menu.

I also found a temporary workaround for the keyboard input issues that have been plaguing the overlay since the beginning, particularly when it comes to textboxes. The API-key input field and the notepad window should be a lot friendlier to use now.
This update also reintroduces the missing guild races and a bunch of other default markers that went missing during the migration of the codebase to git.

You can download the new build here.

Change notes:

  • Fixed TacO eating too much CPU when GW2 not running and TacO set to not close with the game
  • Removed some unused timing code
  • Added support for multiple GW2 API keys, the overlay will automatically pick the first API key corresponding to the current account based on the logged in character's name. API keys require the 'characters' capability for this to work.
  • Fixed a bug where the TP tracker wouldn't display the listing prices of sub 1 silver items correctly
  • Re-added some markers to the archive that have been missing since build 43 (Guild races, a couple adventures, etc) - sorry about this, they went missing during the move from hg to git
  • Tweaked the keyboard input code a bit so that when typing in TacO textboxes GW2 will no longer react to the keypresses
  • Fixed copy and paste not functioning in TacO textboxes
  • Removed a bunch of unnecessary API calls when editing API keys
This update brings some changes to the localization strings, non-English translations must be updated by their maintainers.

Monday 8 June 2020

Keybinds and Window Too Small Scaling Support

Hi everyone,

Another bunch of oft-requested features and fixes coming in after a long weekend spent doing real-life stuff. The major changes include support for GW2's automatic downscale mode when the GW2 window is too small, and the addition of keybindable actions to most major functionalities. None of these are set by default to minimize keybind clutter.

You can download the latest build here.

Change log:
  • Added command line to log for easier debugging of mumble command line issues
  • Added support for GW2's window-too-small scaling
  • Added support for GW2 windows that have been renamed
  • Fixed minimap markers not being affected by color and alpha tags
  • TacO will now ignore invalid resolutions when trying to resize the swapchain
  • Toggling a TacO window off will now only hide it instead of destroying it, this will reduce API loads and improve responsiveness when opening the window again
  • Added optional keybinds to toggle most functionalities of the overlay: The Tactical Layer, Range Circles, Compass, Locational Timers, HP grids, Mouse Highlight, Map Timer Window, TS3 Window, Marker Editor Window, Notepad Window, Raid and Dungeon Progress Windows, TP Tracker Window and Window Edit Mode
  • Fixed Compact Map Timer option not working when selecting it for the first time
  • Added option to toggle the TP icon highlight
  • Added ability to create mouse tooltips
  • Fixed a typo in the map timers
  • Added tooltip to map timer events
  • Set the default mode of the map timer to compact
  • Increased the default height of the map timer window
This update brings some changes to the localization strings, non-English translations must be updated by their maintainers.

Thursday 4 June 2020

Bugfix release

Hi everyone,

with all this time on my hands I managed to coordinate with ReActif about a number of issues he and the people using his marker pack encountered. I have tracked down all of the issues and even added some convenience functionalities to remove keybinds one by one or completely disable them from inside the overlay.

You can download the new build here.

Change notes:

  • Added extra logging to track down some common issues
  • Fixed rebinding keys removing a random config option instead of the old key setting
  • Added png files missing from the last two builds
  • Fixed achievement related markers only working properly is the achievementBit was also set (even for achievements that don't have bits)
  • Added setting to disable all keybinds
  • Added possibility to unbind keys in keybinding mode
  • Mid-frame texture atlas defragmentation will only be logged for the first 100 times each run, this should reduce the size of the produced log file when this is the case
  • Fixed erroneous reporting in the log of not being able to open a zip file
  • Fixed bad API use for LoadLibrary function
  • Added extra logging for not loaded images to help marker pack creators
  • Removed some log messages that people have been misinterpreting
  • General log file sanitization
  • Fixed support link
  • Fixed images referenced in .taco files not showing up when the category was defined inside the .taco file but the marker wasn't
  • Fixed default marker icon not visible sometimes
  • Fixed force off visibility for in-game trails not working
This update brings some changes to the localization strings, non-English translations must be updated by their maintainers.

Monday 1 June 2020

Windows 7 fix

Hi everyone,

the last build introduced a new way of rendering TacO in windows, which should be more performant... However this meant the use of an API that's unavailable on Windows 7. This new build fixes this issue by adding a fallback to the old method. Please guys if possible update to an actually supported OS, it's for your own security as well :D

Also added a bunch of new features that were on the top of the todo that will add quality of life changes and new possibilities to marker pack creators, most importantly: markers can now have info text assigned to them, so many of the large markers with text layers can be replaced. This will ease the load on the dynamic texture atlas and help fix performance (and huge log size) issues.

In order to add an info text to a marker the info xml tag must be used. The range in which the text will be visible can be set with the infoRange xml tag. If several markers are showing text in the same area, the texts will be displayed below each other.

As always, the latest build can be downloaded from here.

Change notes:

  • Added fallback for Windows 7 - Please consider updating from a not supported OS, guys...
  • Reorganized the menu a bit to be more compact (added a submenu for tactical overlay settings)
  • Added a "Support GW2 TacO development" menu item
  • Increased the size of the dynamic texture atlas to 2048x2048, this will help with performance issues up to a point
  • Updated the update checker mechanism as it was no longer functioning correctly
  • Added the ability to add info text to markers, the text shows up below the enemy health bar
  • Added a toggle to turn marker info text on/off
  • Added global marker opacity settings (three levels: solid, transparent, faded) for in-game and map markers
  • Added a menu item to reload all markers and categories without restarting TacO
  • Added a menu item to remove all markers from the current map instance that were placed by the player
  • Range circles will no longer show up on the world map view
This update brings some changes to the localization strings, non-English translations must be updated by their maintainers.