Saturday 27 May 2017

TeamSpeak 3 fixes, Guild Race pack


It's been a while, life got pretty busy these last couple months. I managed to make a bit of time for TacO now though and by some small miracle I wasn't utterly tired either, so... Progress!

This update contains two things.

The first is the much requested fix for TeamSpeak 3 support. What happened was that a new release of TeamSpeak updated the ClientQuery plugin that TacO is using to access TS3. The update wasn't big, but it did add mandatory API key authentication to all applications using the plugin, this is what basically broke TacO. There's no nice way around this, I had to include an API key input field.

You can find the API key entry menu in the TacO menu. Now that it's in place, in the future I'll probably use this input method to access the GW2 APIs as well. If you still have a TS3 build pre 3.1.3, it should still work like before, but I'd appreciate a heads up if anything went wrong with older builds.

The second addition is a marker pack by Xenophy - routes for the Guild Races! This one needs no explanation I think, it's just pure awesome. I had this one for a while, but never got around to releasing it.

You can download the new build here.

Change log:

  • Added an API key input interface
  • Added ability to enter TS3 ClientQuery API keys
  • TS3 connection will now authenticate
  • Added notifications to the TS3 window if authentication fails
  • Added Guild Race marker pack courtesy of Xenophy