Sunday 31 May 2020

LaunchBuddy Native Multiboxing Support


Good news for multiboxers, the LaunchBuddy devs and I worked these past couple days to add support for the new TacO multiboxing functionality into LaunchBuddy.

The new LB build is now live, you can get it from here.

I'd also like to thank the recent donations, they do make a difference, thank you to everyone who donated!

Friday 29 May 2020

Experimental Multibox Support

Hi there!

Long time no see. With everything going on it was a bit of a hectic time lately... That is until I got fired because of the corona thing and I had a bit of time on my hand. The new episode was also just released and that got me back into GW2 for a bit and I had a look at the API changes that have come since the last update. The major one was better support for multiboxing, so without further ado, I give you experimental multibox support!

Enabling multiboxing support is a bit involved and will require the popular launcher applications to support the -mumble <filename> command line parameter for GW2. This parameter tells the game instance what to call the mumble connection instead of the standard name MumbleLink, and this allows multiple clients to communicate through this interface without overwriting each others' data. TacO now also supports the -mumble <filename> command line parameter which lets TacO know which Mumble interface to connect to. The rest is handled automatically. In order to be able to run multiple TacO instances, the overlay must also be started with the -forcenewinstance command line parameter.

With my current jobless situation, donations through the paypal button to the right are quite welcome ;)

You can download the new build from here.

Change notes:
  • TacO now uses the DirectComposition API to be displayed
  • TacO will now ignore keyboard input when the game's focus is on a textbox. (Trading Post isn't supported)
  • The controversial range circles feature will from now on be turned off for competitive game modes.
  • Added the -mumble command line option to specify which mumble link file the TacO instance should use
  • TacO now figures out which GW2 window to use based on the process id provided in the mumble link
  • TacO will now automatically exit if it can't find GW2 for a minute during startup. This is to avoid stuck instances with multiboxing.
  • Map timers for Bjora Marches have been updated
This update brings some changes to the localization strings, non-English translations must be updated by their maintainers.