Thursday 3 October 2019

Map scaling fix

Hi again,

a very small hotfix for the build yesterday. This should make the scaling of the 2D maps align a lot better with the game maps.

You can get the new build here.


  • Fixed 2D map scale factor
  • Removed some exit code that crashed sometimes

Minimap and World Map Support

Hi everyone!

It's been a while again, real life is taking its toll, but things have been happening in the background. Yesterday a patch I've been waiting for a long while went live, and with it came some new additions to the Mumble link: namely information about the minimap! So after two nights without sleep, I give you the new TacO build that now supports the minimap and the full map as well.
Trails and markers on the minimap
The minimap's location, panning and rotation is automatically tracked, and all the markers can be displayed on there as well. I realize that this might result in sensory overload, so there are options to turn off trails and markers separately for each of the three display modes (in-game 3d, minimap and full map), and new marker category options for marker pack creators to set a preference for a marker category to be displayed in-game, on the maps, or both. Here follow the technical specs of the newly available marker data.

Markers and trails on the world map
New marker category attributes:

  • mapDisplaySize - integer value. The size of the marker at normal UI scale, at zoom level 1 on the miniMap, in Pixels. For trails this value can be used to tweak the width of the trail on the map. Default value: 20
  • miniMapVisibility - boolean value, if 1, the marker/trails belonging to this category will show up on the minimap. Default value: 1.
  • mapVisibility - boolean value, if 1, the marker/trails belonging to this category will show up on the main map. Default value: 1.
  • inGameVisibility - boolean value, if 1, the marker/trails belonging to this category will show up in-game, like the markers you're used to. Default value: 1.
  • scaleOnMapWithZoom - boolean value, if 1, the markers/width of the trails belonging to this category will scale with the zoom level as you zoom in and out. Default value: 1.
  • mapFadeoutScaleLevel - float value. Zooming out farther than this value will result in the marker/trail fading out over the course of 2 zoom levels. Default value is 100, which effectively means no fading.
  • keepOnMapEdge - boolean value, only affects markers, not trails. If 1, markers belonging to this category will not disappear as they move out of the minimap's rectangle, but will be kept on the edge like the personal waypoint. Default value: 0.
Many, many thanks to Jonagar and dsnider of the ArenaNet team for making this possible.

You can download the new build here.

And now for the change notes:

  • Markers and trails will now fade out while in the map view
  • The minimap and world map can now display markers and trails for the current map
  • Added marker category attributes to control the 2D map displays
  • 3D markers/trails that would be drawn over the minimap are now occluded correctly
  • Added a Visibility menu that allows the customization of the visibility of markers and trails separately for the 3D in-game view, the minimap and the world map. Each option can be set to default (meaning the marker pack will decide to display the marker or not) and can be forced to be turned on or off
  • Trail mesh generation has been updated a bit to avoid some of the twists that can happen
  • Added an option to toggle the unit of the marker distance display to be meters instead of inches
  • Added an option to toggle the forcedpiaware command line switch from within TacO. Changing this option requires a restart of the overlay to take effect
  • Added Grothmar Valley map timer
This update brings some changes to the localization strings, non-English translations must be updated by their maintainers.