Sunday 16 July 2017

TP Notifications and TacO facelift


It's been a while, but development hasn't stopped. I recently joined the GW2 API dev chat and some things have already come of it. Namely, a new small but powerful addition to the Mumble API now allows TacO to track the client's interface size setting in real-time. Many people were confused about the separate interface size setting in TacO (or didn't even know about it), and I wanted to refrain from implementing more features that rely on correct positioning of visuals until I had a solution for this.

So now that this has happened, the first of these features is here as well:
If you have an API key added to TacO that has commerce access enabled, from now on the overlay will check every couple minutes if a new sell or buy order of yours has been fulfilled, and will notify you with an additional animated flair around the TP icon's red marker. Clicking the icon (and thereby opening the TP) will make the flair disappear.

The point of this is to fix one of the first features I was missing from GW2 when I started playing it: the fact that if you're out and about in the game but are waiting for stuff to sell, you need to keep opening the TP window to know if something happened since you last checked.

You can also notice that the TacO icon on the menu has changed. The overlay underwent a bit of a facelift, I updated the icon and made it behave more like the rest of the GW2 menu. The fonts have also been changed to use the exact ones the client uses, for each interface size setting. Oh and last, but not least, the text renderer now supports UTF-8 text, so the TS3 overlay should work better now with non-latin characters in names.

Notice the correct rendering of all characters and the new font

You can download the new build here.

  • Fixed issue where WvW and Dungeon APIs wouldn't update when the computer had been running for more than 21 days
  • Reimplemented DPI awareness to account for Windows 7 issues
  • The TacO icon now looks and behaves a lot more like the standard GW2 menu
  • TacO now automatically switches interface size to match that of the GW2 client. (Thanks for the API additions, Lye)
  • Removed the now unnecessary interface size menu
  • Added extra notification flair to the trading post icon that disappears when the trading post icon is clicked (and shows up again a couple minutes after a new transaction happened) - requires API key with Commerce enabled.
  • Implemented an improvised UTF-8 decoder into the text renderer so that non-latin letters are processed better (this was especially a problem in the TS3 overlay)
  • Updated the fonts so they better match the in-game ones, and added a wider range of character sets supported

Sunday 2 July 2017

Mentioned by WP!


This video seriously made my day, I've been watching WP's channel for quite a while now. He just made a video about TacO, and I'm seriously flattered :)

I also noticed a spike in questions and all around activity on the blog. If you're new to TacO and have any technical issues please first consult the FAQ/Common Problems section which will in good likelihood have an answer to your problem.

Also, since I maintain this project alone, as a hobby, please note that I may not be able to get to answer all the questions, and updates may come at a random rate when I have time and inspiration strikes.