Thursday 9 February 2017

Maintenance Update


The patch yesterday broke TacO due to some minor changes in the Mumble Link data format. This hotfix is meant to address this issue. It also includes a long standing debt of mine, the fix for some crashes that occur when marker packs have markers in them that have spaces in their names.

Important: if you're someone who created their own marker packs or placed markers with categories that contain spaces, those will need to be looked over. The marker format will no longer accept category names to contain any type of space or special character. There is a newly added field for markers and categories called DisplayName that allows you to add a pretty name for the category to be displayed in the TacO menu. See the updated poi files supplied with TacO for reference.

A new marker behavior for winterberry farm type markers has also been added that will track the triggering of markers daily and per character.

You can download the new build here.

Change notes:

  • Updated the parsing of the Mumble Link data so markers work with the new build.
  • Fixed the crashes coming from toggling the visibility of marker categories that have spaces in their names
  • Updated the supplied marker packs with pretty names
  • Added a new marker behavior, (behavior="7") that tracks the triggering of the marker so it resets daily, tracked separately for each character (useful for Winterberry farm type stuff)


  1. Hi, I don't know if you have a suggestion area set up anywhere, but I can't find it. I was wondering about the possibility of removing the window close whenever you select a new type of ore/plant/wood. It gets a little tiring to filter everything when you're just looking for one. Wonderful in every other aspect though! Great job.

  2. As always, great work! One question though: would it be possible to add an option to reload POIs from disk? Or even bind it to a key? It would be a great tool for fine-tuning custom POIs. Unless I somehow missed it in the menu...

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  4. if i use gw2taco my gw2 game will black screen... how fix it..tnx for answer

    1. There's a section in the FAQ that deals with that issue :)

  5. Its possible to active a complete Route and deactivate it on the last marker? (not one by one)