Sunday 31 May 2020

LaunchBuddy Native Multiboxing Support


Good news for multiboxers, the LaunchBuddy devs and I worked these past couple days to add support for the new TacO multiboxing functionality into LaunchBuddy.

The new LB build is now live, you can get it from here.

I'd also like to thank the recent donations, they do make a difference, thank you to everyone who donated!


  1. Hi. Thank you for developing TacO, it allowed me to enjoy things that I could not enjoy before, and to achieve things that I was not able to achieve before.

    I have a question. Will support for Gw2launcher come in the future? That's the multiboxing application I'm currently using.

    1. You'll need to ask that of the GW2Launcher guys, TacO supports multiboxing now, it's their job to make it easier to run the overlay with their multibox solution.

    2. Thank you, I'll try to do that. Do you know how to contact him? It is Healix on GitHub.