Monday 28 March 2022

Default Marker Pack Cleanup


With the auto marker pack download and update functionality introduced yesterday it became quite apparent to me that the default TacO markers are in a bit of a messy state, so I took the time to clean everything up a bit. This release also has some minor fixes. While most TacO releases don't require much care when unpacking and you can simply overwrite your previous install with the new one, if you'd like to reap the benefits of the marker cleanup you'll need to clean up the contents of the POIs folder in your original install before unpacking this new one.

You can download the latest build here.

Change notes:

  • Win 8.1 support should really be fixed now (please let me know!)
  • The defaulttoggle setting was propagating to child categories, which made it impractical
  • Cleaned up the default markers that come with TacO
  • Added additional thread safety around marker pack loading


  1. Works great now on Win 8.1
    Great work.
    Thank you.

  2. SAB markers aren't working for some marker packs (Tekkit is a good example).. This isn't the case for older TacO versions though.

    1. They use the festival settings that are based on sab dailies that aren’t live yet. I’ll put in an option to force enable them.

  3. Tekkit's still doesnt work with this version for me. I'm using version 0.54 which works okay.

    1. Did you also update your tekkit pack?