Thursday 13 October 2016

Cumulative update #2


Now that I'm putting more time into TacO again, some people contacted me about various issues they were having, and helped me look into them.

There was an issue with keyboard handling, and alt-tabbing causing weird issues on Windows 7 with an extra, old style task selector popping up. This has been fixed. As a side effect, if you have a keyboard layout that requires pressing the alt or atgr keys to write accented letters, I _think_ that could be fixed as well, but please let me know.

Another issue was that TacO kept freezing for some people randomly, some more consistently than others. Turns out Windows decided to kill the DirectX device from under TacO in these instances. The device should be correctly recovered in this build and make TacO a lot more stable for people who had this issue.

I also added some requested features:
The mouse highlight now has selectable color (based on the original CGA palette of 16 colors), and a black outline you can turn on and off.

A notepad has also been added. In order to make this minimally intrusive, in order to edit it you need to bind a key to the edit action (set to ']' by default). While editing, you can click into the notepad, select, copy and paste stuff, undo-redo also works. Once you stop editing (by clicking outside the textbox), the window will become transparent to mouse clicks and you'll need to activate edit mode again to change the text. The text will persist between runs of TacO and is saved into a text file in the TacO directory. As with any other window in the overlay, it will at first open in the middle of the screen, and you need to go into window edit mode in the menu to move and resize it.

Last, but not least, I had a nice submission from Xanadias for a supposedly near-optimal route through the Floor is Lava adventure. I added a new feature to tracking system used for the guild bounties (a reset position can now be entered), and used that system so there's always only one marker up to show you the next place to go to.
He also sent me some other pretty awesome goodies, but I still need to verify those.

You can download the new build here.

Change notes:

  • Alt-tabbing should work properly now
  • Keyboard handling should be less intrusive now (please get back to me if you had issues with typing accented characters before)
  • The freezing issue should be fixed
  • Added color selection and outline for the mouse highlight
  • Added notepad
  • Added Floor is Lava route courtesy of Xanadias


  1. Hi, I'm using win10 and getting the Information "Windows protected your PC".
    I guess it's because of "Unknown Publisher".
    you're doing great, ty

    1. That started popping up for some people lately. I'll try to clear that up, I have some experience with false positives like that.

    2. Could be either the smart screen learning, that your program is not harmful. Or the windows switch to other security certificate, the newer systems no longer support / will no longer sha1 or something like that.

  2. do u wanna make this opensource
    let ppl can make this project more better too?

  3. Thanks, was able to do the floor is lava on the 5th try with your overlay

  4. I think a really nice feature to have (although i'm not sure if it's "legal") is to have a marker to show the distance in units from the current highlighted target.

    1. Not possible. None of the official APIs grant access to any information about the current selected target.