Sunday 2 October 2016

Cumulative update

Hi everyone,

it's been a while, my summer was packed and I didn't have much time or energy to work on TacO. Meanwhile interest in the overlay seems to have picked up, and many of you have started creating marker packs.
This release is more of a maintenance build addressing some issues that popped up with the recent Windows 10 anniversary update and some small quality of life feature requests that came in. It's also a step for me to get back to spending a bit more time on the overlay in the coming months. I have some pretty interesting ideas :)

The Xera encounter will now have an HP bar grid, and numbered markers for the rifts to make coordinating easier.

There was also an anonymous donation of markers for Ember Bay containing Mursaat Token and Tome locations. I have validated and fixed this pack and included it in this release.

You can download the new build here.

Change notes:

  • The TS3 overlay will now put anyone who talks to the top of the list. This will make it a lot more useful for large channels.
  • Tiny display fix for the TS3 overlay list (last item won't be partially displayed anymore)
  • Overhauled the way TacO is placed over the GW2 window to be less intrusive.
  • TacO will no longer show up as a separate program on the taskbar or the alt-tab menu.
  • Integrated AngelScript for future use.
  • Fixed a TS3 overlay issue that would sometimes happen if TS3 was started after TacO.
  • TacO will no longer show up on the GW2 login window.
  • Added HP bar grid for Xera.
  • Added numbered markers for Xera rifts.
  • Added Ember Bay collectible markers for Mursaat Tokens and Tomes, courtesy of an Anonymous comment on the blog.


  1. Niceness! Hype, keep it up!

  2. really love this overlay. but can you make it so you can tick off the collectables and nodes as you find them? and have a reset button to reset the nodes?

    1. There are marker types that you can tick off, for example the Mursaat tokens. If you have your action button bound to anything other than 'f', you need to rebind the action key in TacO as well so the two happen simultaneously.

  3. How to make a poi like speed brost at vg?

    can we
    *change range circles style?
    *set a limit for max poi zoom size? ( when we zoom in, it will very big and block screen )
    *allow use attr at root tag? ( for what i wanna see some default seeting for all
    *behavior 1 - can use ( "map ip" or "char change" ) for check, make this can implemented
    *all show text on poi ( let we without make a text image for it )
    *allow choose filename for save poi ( let we can more easy make new poi data for share )

  4. Seemt o be having an issue where the Market Editor isn't loading properly. The window opens, but the text only displays for 1 frame then disappears. Here's what it looks like in Window Edit Mode:

    Everything else works fine.

    1. That's actually a convenience feature. The marker editor is only visible when you're standing over a marker ;)

  5. I see three thin vertical lines in the center top area that I didnt see before (in Sabetha).

    1. That'd be the hp grid. If you make sure taco is set to the same ui size as the game (and no dpi craziness is enabled on your windows) they should line up perfectly with Sabetha's health bar.

  6. I set the ui size to normal and turned off HP grids. I think that will give me what I want. When upgrading taco, is there a way to preserve your settings? I had to redo everything....

    1. Simply overwrite your previous install with the new version. The config settings won't be harmed.

  7. Small bug: when Configuring the Map Timer, selecting World Bosses also ticks the checkbox for Ley-Line Anomalies. This causes a disagreement between what is checked and what is shown, and also means I can't save my settings so that I can show World Bosses only and have Ley-Line Anomalies unchecked.

  8. It would be nice if you could hide the overlay when the game is in a loading screen or cutscene. You could check the uiTick in the Mumbledata. It doesn't get updated in loading-screens, the character-selection and cutscenes.

    And you could probably auto-hide it when the fullscreen-map is shown. I'm not 100% sure but if i remember correctly, the camera is moved to a certain relative position to the player when the map is displayed, making it possible to detect the fullscreen-map.

    1. I looked into the latter, it's really unreliable sadly and varies a lot. The main chamber in TD vs a house in queensdale have wildly different metrics. Looking straight down at the player isn't viable either as that never happens, even in map mode, and any such setting could be triggered by natural player camera movemenf as well. I've been meaning to look into the tick stuff just never got around to it :)