Sunday, 18 February 2018



Yesterday's build had a memleak in it that has been causing crashes and performance issues with trails. This update should hopefully fix it.

You can download the new build here.

  • Fixed a memleak with trail texture loading
  • Package loading now tries https first and http if that fails


  1. Thank you for your reactivity.
    And your patience in decoding my infinitely vile English.

  2. thank you for releasing a really quick fix. even though I kept on forgetting to download it.

  3. Thank you kind sir. I am pwning noobs with your help in PvP. Don't stop supporting this man! Ill keep donating!

    1. I'm actually quite curious how TacO helps against "noob" opponent in PvP at all.

  4. Is there anyway we can add are own map timers? I tried adding some of the Pof ones but not sure if we can actually do it. Also thank you for making this amazing plugin, I use it every day! :)

  5. Doesnt show taco in Gw2:(...

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  7. How to translate this software into other languages??

    1. There isn't any localization support for TacO at the moment. It's on the todo to the right though.

  8. Trying to run gw2taco from command prompt and it will not start. Any help you could give would be appreciated but my purpose is to make a batch file that starts taco roughly a minute after I start gw2 launcher.

    1. Make sure that you run TacO from the directory it is unpacked to. If the working directory is different, TacO won't find the config, UI and POI files.
      The easiest way to do this from a batch file is to cd into the directory first and then run TacO.

    2. thank you for your help. What wasn't obvious at first became obvious. A more simple way was to just put the batch file in gw2taco folder, and create a shortcut for use. idk why i was writing it on my desktop anyways :)

  9. When i run taco, sometimes i can't seem to click the middle of my screen. Is that common?

    1. Sometimes a hidden TacO window may cause that, go into window editing mode and make sure there aren't any windows in the middle of the screen.