Sunday, 11 February 2018

Maintenance build


The last build was done in a bit of a rush and some issues came up that I'm fixing now in addition to some requests that came from marker pack creators. Hopefully this build will make it a lot easier for them to start creating marker packs with trails :)

You can download the new build from here.

Change log:

  • The marker editor's set default category submenu will now close properly
  • Some issues related to TacO crashing on close should now be fixed (maybe not all of them, keep the crash logs coming)
    • Fixed a bug where the wvw poll threads would still be working during TacO shutdown
    • Fixed a bug where the keyboard and mouse hooks would still be active during TacO shutdown
  • Fixed a bug in the maptimer.xml
  • Trails didn't keep track of where they were loaded from and so they kept being accumulated in the poidata.xml if loaded from an external marker pack
  • Added a -forcenewinstance command line option to optionally disable the previously added new functionality where TacO would only launch once (this is mostly a debug option)
  • Placing a marker next to an already existing marker will now place the marker regardless of distance if the types of the two markers don't match (request by Tekkit)
  • Added import trail option for editing purposes (request by Tekkit)
  • Trails can now be broken (Pausing a trail now has two ways of resuming, the original way and by creating a new trail section, corresponding key bind has also been added) (request by Tekkit)
  • The fadeout bubble around the player for trails can now be toggled on or off (request by Tekkit)
  • Updated the documentation with several previously undocumented marker attributes


  1. The current documentation does not discuss how the color marker attribute hex value is formatted. This is what I figured out so far, please correct as necessary. Icon color is represented by an 8-character hex value (OORRBBGG) 4 pairs of hex values representing Opacity/Red/Blue/Green. ffff0000 would be a opaque red. 8800ff00 would be a 50% opaque blue. Black in the icon remains black. Light colors are tinted to the hex value. Transparent portions of the icon remain transparent.

    I would like to see the Marker Editor and the Trail Editor split into 2 separate windows. Together they occupy a significant chunk of screen.

    I would like to be able to use Ctrl/Alt/Shift plus a key for keybinding the various GW2 TacO features.

  2. Hi
    I will say Nice Programm
    I am starting to make a Panorama Guide, in the nearest Waypoint the Taco starts with a Marker and then a trail to the Panorama.
    If there is a posibillity to Jump with the rabbit a have a other marker included.
    Today is only the Frostgorge Sound marked....but in few days are more marker/trails included

    Have funn

    PS: maybee u can do it on your Blog

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