Thursday 14 January 2016

Keybindings, proper marker activation tracking

EDIT: KNOWN ISSUE WITH THIS BUILD - if you have the "Close when GW2 quits" option on (it's on by default) and run TacO before the game opens the main window, TacO will falsely think that you quit the game and it'll close. To remedy this either start TacO only after the game is already running or turn the auto close option off. A new build to fix this will be up soon.

A new build is up!

This one started out as a couple small things and ended up being a more thorough rewrite of several systems. Most notably key rebinding, proper marker activation tracking and a brand new marker type hierarchy system have been implemented. The window init code has also had some upgrades, so hopefully more people will be able to run the overlay.

Most importantly, with the addition of the hierarchic marker type system and the marker editor window this build is the foundation upon which user created and shared marker packs can be built. I will write a thorough tutorial on how to create and share your own marker packs, which will hopefully mean no more running around trying to figure out Lost Badge or Exalted Mask locations based on 2D images from a website or a youtube video. If someone creates the marker location pack for the content, you'll easily be able to load it in the overlay, keep track of your progress, and hide specific types of markers if they are in the way.

Key rebinding interface
How to filter markers based on type

Grab the new build here.

Change notes:
  • Added GUIDs for all markers
  • Activation times of markers (when you last pressed F on them) are now stored in a separate file, referenced by GUIDs
  • Added a new marker behavior type that allows for markers that will only show up if they haven't been triggered yet. This will be very useful for sharing collection-style achievement locations like the lost coins or diving goggles.
  • Added option to rebind actions to different keys. For now only keys producing characters are supported, when the keyboard handling is updated this will likely change. Use the "rebind keys" subtree in the TacO menu to access key rebinding.
  • Removed the orphan locations from the POI datafile as Wintersday is over.
  • TS3 window will now show the number of people in each displayed channel
  • Changed the old icon type system to a hierarchy based template system that allows expansion by content creators (tutorial coming soon)
  • Dynamic UI texture atlas use for icons should now be optimal without any duplicates even over several datafiles (given that the referenced file names are the same)
  • Removed orphan markers from default datafiles as Wintersday is over
  • Moved raid markers to separate xml and added categorization to markers
  • Removed some of the hackery from the transparent window creation process. Hopefully this will result in fewer instances of people not being able to use the overlay.
  • GW2 TacO can now exit automatically if GW2 is closed
  • Added option to toggle TacO exit behavior when GW2 is closed (exits by default)
  • Moved existing marker data to 'external' files, freeing the local datafile for your personal markers
  • Added marker packs for two Spirit Vale collection achievements (Piecing It Together and Closure)
  • Mouse highlight is now off by default
  • Enabled logging to GW2TacO.log
  • Added a basic marker editor window
  • Markers placed by you can have their type changed via the marker editor window (for now the types need to be hand edited in the xml files, a tutorial will follow on how to create and share your own marker packs)
  • Extended the versions of d3dcompiler_xx.dll that the UI will look for, this should make sure that your DirectX install is not an issue when running the overlay
  • Tactical layer settings will now only appear in the TacO menu if the tactical layer is enabled
  • Added the ability to filter which types of markers show up
  • The overlay now remembers your filter settings between runs
  • Added a way to set the category of the default placed marker. The setting isn't remembered between sessions for now.


  1. Some weird behavior for me in the new version. TacO will open for me when I'm on the login screen, but once full game launches, it will not display at all. I'm in Windowed Full Screen, so that's not it. Never had issues with previous versions either.

    1. Hm could be that the gw2 window is lost between login and the fullscreen mode switch for a moment and TacO thinks that you quit the game and exits. Could you try to toggle the auto exit feature off and check if that fixes this? If so I'll have a look at this tonight.

    2. That did indeed fix it! Thanks.

  2. This build is broken for me. taco doesn't show at all, other than the taskbar. Can't even terminate it non-forcefully. Logfile is empty, any chance to enable some more debugging?

    1. Update: seems randomly clicking on the taskbar icon forcing it into the foreground has eventually shown it.

  3. Thanks for the update BoyC! I was having the same problems as the other users but your suggestion fixed it as well.

    After seeing the other on screen 3D markers in HoT areas I was actually going to mention adding some for Silverwastes/Dry Top. I noticed that they're options in the mapspecific section, but there's nothing there yet. Is this something we can pull API location data for and add to the XML or does it need to be manually done by the player? If it's the latter I can start adding some markers for SW and Drytop as I frequently do these maps.

    1. Also when opening the marker editor - it instantly closes for me.

    2. This update was about building the foundation for user-built marker packs. I'm working out the new issued that have popped up with some of the more Windows bound features but once that's done I'll write up a big tutorial on how you can create your own marker categories, place your own markers and share them with others.
      So yeah to answer your question: it's all user built, and I appreciate any help you can give in that regard, I hope to include properly done marker packs done by you guys in future updates.

    3. Uhm the marker editor or the whole overlay closes?

  4. Is there a way to turn off markers that aren't within a certain distance of the player. Using the overlay my screen is very cluttered with markers for the entire map.

  5. Is there a way to turn single markers off on the map with the mouse? Sometimes you have to grab the achi unlock mid-fall / mid-jump, so it would be a hassle to do it again while pressing F to turn off the marker.

    1. Not right now. In general I think that the marker pack creators should account for stuff like this, but I'll put it on the todo.

  6. I'm not sure if this feature is already there..., but I've been trying to figure it out. Is there a shortcut key to turn the overlay on and off? Feels like there is/should be, but I can't for the life of me figure out what it is or find it anywhere. Thx for a great overlay!