Saturday 2 January 2016

TeamSpeak integration and POI sharing

A new build is up!

The main feature is experimental TeamSpeak 3 integration, it uses the TS3 Client Query plugin that's installed and activated by default so if you haven't disabled it intentionally this should work. You will need to place the TeamSpeak widget for yourself (open the window from the Taco menu, then go into window editing mode from the Taco menu and move/resize the window as you see fit). The contents of this window change automatically based on which TS channel you are in. Multiple server tabs are supported, they show up below each other.
This is a very first iteration, so if you notice anything odd just let me know.

Grab the new build here.

Change notes:

  • Added TeamSpeak window that automatically shows your current TS channels
  • The overlay will now read any .xml files found in the POIs directory and load them in addition to the main poidata.xml file - this method should be a valid way of sharing markers for the time being. The overlay will search for icon files both relative to the root directory and the POIs directory, so you can easily bundle custom icons with your shared markers.
  • Added window skins
  • Changed some of the UI colors, map timer background can now be changed from css

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