Sunday 21 July 2019

Optimization and polish time

Hi everyone,

It's more of a maintenance release this time with focus on better resource usage, performance and bugfixes/polish. This time the goal was to fix as many of the UI engine issues as possible, starting with text rendering to many context-menu related bugs. This new build should give a more seamless in-game experience.
You can get the new build here.

  • Added 1500 range circle
  • Decreased memory overhead caused by the big font pack (for non-latin text only glyphs found in the language files and marker packs are loaded)
  • Decreased memory use of POI data by around 45% (not including raw image data)
  • Fixed a potential crash in non-latin text rendering
  • Fixed text width calculation for non-latin text rendering
  • Fixed some tokens not showing up as translated
  • WvW objective names now change instantly when changing languages, not just after TacO restart.
  • Fixed a context menu sizing issue 
  • Optimized excess CPU usage a bit
  • Bugfix: Submenu text will no longer revert when reopened after toggling marker category
  • Bugfix: Context menus should no longer get stuck when toggling elements

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