Friday 26 July 2019

Trading Post Tracker, Raid Tracker Updates and more!

Hi everyone,

busy week. There have been some interesting requests and TacO is starting to stretch the limits of where the official APIs can take it, for now at least. From least interesting to most, an 1600 range circle has been added (still no user-defined circles, sorry) and a new capability was added to marker categories that will automatically hide the markers in that category if the player has the appropriate achievement already unlocked.

The raid tracker window has been updated. It now features a compact mode that can be toggled on or off, and the individual raids themselves can be toggled on or off to show only interesting information. When a new raid is added through the API it will still automatically show up as before.
Compact raid tracker window
And now for this week's big new feature: I give you the Trading Post Tracker. This window will show you the status of your current buy orders and sell listings, and highlight in red those of them that have been outbid/undercut. Several configuration options include to only show the outbid/undercut items, to only show sell listings/buy orders, and to only show one listing for each item type, the one that is closest to being fulfilled. To make the display a bit more visually useful, the appropriate item icons are downloaded from the API and displayed next to the item names. Since the API to access this isn't real-time, the TP tracker window will also only update every couple minutes. Note, that the window will first open in the middle of the screen and you'll have to place it in Window Edit mode (you can toggle that in the settings submenu)
This is an in development screenshot, the buy/sell quantity is also displayed in the release.
You can download the new build here.

Change notes:

  • Added Trading Post tracking window to monitor buy and sell orders (Requires API key with tradingpost access)
  • Added 1600 range circle
  • Added compact view option for raid progress tracker
  • Individual raids can now be toggled on and off for the raid progress tracker
  • Added localization options to raid names (default fallback to English name) and raid progress tracker texts
  • Added auto-hiding capability to marker categories based on achievement information (Requires API key with progression access): the new marker category properties of achievementId and achievementBit have been added to identify the achievement/bit that hides the marker
  • Fixed a bug where markers placed with a category without an assigned icon file would display as a random icon instead of the default diamond
This update brings some changes to the localization strings, non-English translations must be updated by their maintainers.


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