Wednesday 30 December 2015

First TacO release


There's a new build, and now the overlay has a name! :)

I put in some work on the overlay these last couple of days and made the initial functionality easier to use. Here are the release notes.
  • Added mouse-interactive button to the top of the screen. Clicking it will open up a menu that lets you customize the overlay on the fly. 
  • Changed the way keyboard interaction is handled. Still not final, but should be better than before.
  • Added North-South-East-West tactical markers for the Gorseval and Sabetha fights.
  • Implemented a config system to keep settings between runs.
  • Implemented a window handling system, mostly for future use. The map timer is now in a window that can be moved around and resized if the Window Editing Mode is toggled on. (No mouse cursor changes for movable/resizable areas, the sides of the windows can be grabbed)
  • The following things can now be toggled on and off from the Taco menu on the fly:
    • The info-line
    • The map timer
    • The mouse highlight
    • The tactical display
    • Whether or not off-screen tactical icons are kept at the edge of the screen
  • Added an about window with a link to the devblog
There are many interesting ideas on how this app could help out with raids (location based timers for one), I'm looking into them.

You can download the new build from HERE.

Should there be any crashes, please report them here by copying the generated crash.log file to the comments.

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