Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Quick Start Guide

So you decided you want to try GW2 TacO, but not sure how to start.
It's easy:

  1. Download the latest build (always the top link in the Downloads section on the right panel of this blog)
  2. Extract the downloaded zip to any folder - it doesn't have to be the GW2 folder, in fact it's better if it isn't. Just create a folder anywhere and put the contents of the zip in there.
  3. Run GW2 and log in, make sure the game is running in windowed or windowed fullscreen mode.
  4. Run GW2TacO.exe
  5. You're good to go.
Setting up TacO inside the game:

  1. In the top left menu bar you'll see a new icon, a TacO
  2. You can move the different TacO windows around by clicking the TacO menu and selecting "Window edit mode". Resizing and moving the windows will be possible that way.
  3. Once you've moved the TacO windows to convenient locations, turn off "Window edit mode" the same way you enabled it.
  4. The rest of the TacO setup should be self explanatory through enabling/disabling stuff in the TacO menu
  5. For some of the features you'll need to create an API key at https://account.arena.net/applications. Currently the "account" and "progression" features of the API keys are used. You can add the API key through the TacO menu.
Have fun :)


  1. Rising_Flames.png http://www.mediafire.com/view/h5fhb9wwdeiu879/Rising_Flames.png

    Rising Flames_Token Collector.xml http://www.mediafire.com/download/71so78vdaiid7w7/Rising+Flames_Token+Collector.xml

    Rising Flames_Tablets of the Unseen.xml http://www.mediafire.com/download/el56e546jnnuklb/Rising+Flames_Tablets+of+the+Unseen.xml

    gw2taco https://gw2taco.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks, I'll validate that and will release it once it's been checked :)

    2. hope can load subfolder poi data, and poi can have attr like title or caption for show text on poi

      when editor window is hidden, hope can realy hidden (without hidden click)

    3. BoyC how do I contact you for help? I am running Windows 7 on Parallels on my mac. How can I be in the game (I only run gw2 on the Windows side) and open Taco? I am not a developer and not savvy in your world but trying to figure this out cause it looks so cool!

    4. how does taco connect to guild wars if it is in a seperate folder

    5. Anonymous do alt tab then run it

    6. No, this doesn't work on linux to my knowledge.
      TacO uses the mumble API which works by the GW2 client opening a memory mapped file in the system at a specific url and writes the camera and other data in there for each frame. TacO opens this file as well and reads the data each frame.

  2. Eber Bay Jumping Puzzle mapped (The 'new' icons can be changed, they are not as pretty as the others ;) )

    Greetings from

  3. https://virustotal.com/hu/file/0665bd4b402a42a2377811d84f32538971e18f949e2b42375622d8bb077ca18f/analysis/1482582379/

    Nice addon... (=

    1. It's not the first false positive. I'll comtact the author of the virusscanner and report it as such, but currently I'm sitting at an xmas dinner. But food for thought: all the 54 other scanners, including all the major ones report TacO as safe.

  4. thank you for this..very nice and usefull !

  5. Bitdefender blocks the .exe
    1) Firewall: Server-requests outside of GuildWars-Server IPs (non-arena-net servers got pinged, but I dont see which ones -.- (how can I see them?)
    2) Trojan/Malware security: Malware detected on .exe -> Quarantine

    Any suggestions?

    1. Please send in the exe through the false positive reporting tools of bitdefender so they can check it out and add it to their white list.
      As for non arenanet http requests, taco checks this blog on startup for the latest version id, and the gw2taco:// links you may find on some marker pack sites will make taco download markers from where they point to.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. When I run the EXE my GW2 window is a black screen