Tuesday 29 December 2015

Here we go

After the first release of the overlay on reddit, I quickly learned a couple things. Just to name a few:

  • People seem to like the general idea of a lightweight overlay for GW2
  • More (easier) customization options wouldn't hurt
  • There is a similar project called Markers, with whom I'll possibly be cooperating
  • A centralized place for communication and releasing new versions is required
  • Using my temp space for hosting on conspiracy.hu freaked some guys out
  • Opensource Zealots are as paranoid as ever
  • The tech demo I released didn't have a name
These things made me realize that I need to establish a constant presence separate from my other projects. So I present to you the GW2 TacO (Tactical Overlay) development blog. TADAA \o/ :)

You can find the original reddit thread with the first public build here.
I have uploaded the files from the original release to dropbox, and future releases will be done through here.

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